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Racketsportstore offers all the equipments to racket sports worldwide with affordable prices.

Our store is located by the Helsinki highway in Kaarina approximately 10 minutes away from the center of Turku, at Kilosport Liikuntakeskus. Our selection includes badminton, tennis and padel rackets as well as all the additional equipments needed to play the sports. We also offer strinings and other maintenance of rackets

Our store offer a large range of badminton, padel ja tennis rackets for test use. Book your court from Kilosport liikuntakeskus, try out and find your favorite racket! For more information, please contact our customer service.

Opening hours
MON-THU 09-21
FRI 09-20
SAT 10-19
SUN 10-21

Urakkatie 7, 20780 KAARINA, FINLAND
(+358) 2 - 242 2000 |

You can order online and choose to pick up the order from our store. The large range in opening hours enables pick ups to be done on weekends also.

Badminton, tennis ja squah strinings
Large variety of strings!
Racket stringing start off at 23 €.
Installation of grip start off at 3 € 

For a bigger batch of stringing, please contact

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