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RS Pro VSQZ padelracket

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2 pcs
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RS Pro VSQZ padel racket

2 pcs
314,10 €
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Product description

NEW for 2024! A hybrid-shaped padel racket designed by Simon Vasquez, with a centimeter longer than normal shaft to bring more reach and hitting speed. Different sized holes on the edges and in the center of the racket expand the ideal hitting point.

Player profile
Head shape
Tear drop
Balance type
A bit head heavy

Product details

RS Pro VSQZ, as the name suggests, is a racket designed by Simon Vasquez, which he also plays with professionally. The racket is an improved version of its predecessor, the Pro Edition Simon Vasquez. The frame's Axis Force stabilizer provides excellent stability and reduces vibration caused by impacts. The racket also has the Power Holes feature, where the holes in the center of the hitting surface are slightly smaller than the ones on the outer edge. Thanks to this, the racket's sweetspot has been made larger. The renewed RS Grid Pattern on the surface of the frame increases grip and gives the ball a twist. The shaft of the racket is one centimeter longer than normal, which increases reach and speed. The racket cover is sold separately.

Technical characteristics

Player profile: Versatile
Weight: 350-370g
Balance: Slightly head heavy
Thickness: 38mm
Head shape: Hybrid

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