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VICTOR Champion Ace 2

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VICTOR Champion Ace 2

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Product description

Victor Champion Ace 2 badminton for practice. Duck feather ball with composite cork.

Product details

Material: 100% duck feather

Speed: 78

Genuine badminton is made from genuine goose and duck feathers (16 feathers / badminton). There are material differences in the height and width of badminton.

Conditions affect ball durability and trajectory (hot, cold, humid, dry air). The speed of real badminton is indicated in numbers (depending on the weight of the ball). - the most common speed used in Finland is speed 78, the slower ball speed is 77 (hot humid air).

The best 1st class competition balls (e.g. approved for competitions of the International Badminton Association) are made of goose feathers. These balls go through a multi-stage manufacturing process, for which only the best melts are selected (separated into similar ones by shape and size). In the final stage, the trajectory of the balls is tested so that the balls in the tube are as identical as possible.

The balls keep well in normal room conditions for a few months.

The best place to store the ball is a damp place. Balls should not be stored in the cold and especially in freezing temperatures. The ideal humidity is around 80-90%. In freezing weather, the balls start to dry out and the duration of the natural feathers decreases. In this case, especially in case of mistakes, the blades break easily. The cold and dry frosty air of winter (do not store the balls in a cold car) reduces the durability of the balls.

The balls can be gently moistened, e.g. by steaming the ball tube.

However, do not wet the balls too much.

In the summer, the humid and warm air binds moisture to the badminton, which makes them a little heavier (ie also faster), but the durability is often better.

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