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BULLPADEL Neuron 2024 padel racket

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BULLPADEL Neuron 2024 padel racket

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Replacement grip directly on the handle or overgrip on top of the existing one.

Product description

The new Bullpadel Neuron 2024 padel racket gives the ball speed! Hybrid shape racket is designed for more advanced players all the way up to professionals!

Player profile
Head shape
Balance type
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Product details

NOVELTY! Bullpadel Neuron 2024 padel rackets from the 2024 collection are aimed at the more advanced hobbyist or competitive player. The Wave side profile of the outer shell of the hybrid racket dampens vibration and reduces the torsion of the racket, and the Neuron core provides stability. Vibradrive reduces the vibration from impact. The Hesacore handle of the padel racket is shaped to fit the fingers and improves the grip. Racket cover sold separately!


Player Profile: Versatile
Shape: Hybrid
Weight: 365g (+/- 10g)
Balance point: Balanced
Structure: Xted Carbon 3K, Aero Channel, Carbon Tube
Thickness: 38mm


  • VIBRADRIVE - A system that dampens the vibrations caused by shots, which improves the control of shots hit outside the sweetspot in particular.
  • NEURON - The core of the club, with transverse bridges to strengthen the structure and reduce club deflection.
  • AIR REACT CHANNEL - The new aerodynamic body makes the racket light in structure, more stable and agile compared to its predecessor.

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