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YONEX Team Racquet Bag-6

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YONEX Team Racquet Bag-6 (black)

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Product description

A stylish black club bag for six clubs. Two large compartments for rackets and other game equipment, between which there is also a separate compartment for shoes! On the side of the bag, there is also a long side pocket where small items can be stored.

Product details

Yonex's elegantly managed racket bag for indoor courts! The bag has a pocket for rackets and a bigger equipment pocket, where you can bring everything you need. Game shoes have their own compartment between the racket and equipment pockets and a long side pocket on the edge of the bag, where you can take the rest of the necessary items with you on the trip. The bag has two carrying straps, so the bag can be easily carried on the back.

Size: 75 x 22 x 31 cm
Color: Black

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