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YONEX ASTROX 88 D PRO sulkapallomaila

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YONEX ASTROX 88 D PRO badminton racket

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2 pcs
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Product description

  • Stiff shaft!
  • Head heavy!
  • For attacking players! 
  • Made in Japan!
Player profile
Balance type
Head heavy

Product details

There are two versions of Astrox 88 rackets: Dominate and Skill. In the Dominate racket, the tip part of the frame is more flexible, so you are better able to hit sharp blows and thus Dominate the game! A tip-weight club with a stiff shaft makes your shots devastating! An absolute choice for the player who likes to finish ball rallies with a sharp strike. The bat cover is sold separately.

Weight: 83g.
Frame: HM Graphite / VOLUME CUT RESIN / Tungsten
Shaft: HM Graphite / Namd
Flexibility: Stiff
Balance type: Head heavy
Player profile: Attacking
Colour: Camel gold

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String favourites. See other options under the tension menu.

YONEX BG-65: A basic string whose properties are suitable for even the most demanding player. Yonex's most popular string for years. Thickness 0.70 mm. WHITE
YONEX BG-80: YONEX's most popular racing strings. The Vectran™ coating makes the tendon more durable. The rough surface increases the feel of the ball. Yonex string, popular among competitive players. Thickness 0.68 mm.
YONEX BG-80 POWER: Top string that combines Vectran™ coating and High polymer nylon. The rough surface increases the feel of the ball. The racing player's YONEX choice. Thickness 0.68 mm.

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