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BABOLAT Technical Viper Juan Lebron padelmaila

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BABOLAT Technical Viper Juan Lebron padel racket

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Product description

  • Attacking player's choice!
  • A diamond-shaped padel racket!
  • The smashes are coming hard and for sure!
  • For the competitive player or active hobbyist!

Product details

The Babolat Technical Viper Juan Lebro padel racket is a racket suitable for the style and dignity of the world's number one player! The racket presented in its new design is agile, aggressive and spectacular like "El Lobo"! This diamond-shaped padel racket is the choice of the attacking player who wants power in the shots and finally ends the ball rally with a hard smash. The racket is sold without a cover.

Sold in a premium-level box with, in addition to the racket, two wristbands in different colors with the new Smart Buttcap technology. Plus, Juan Lebron's autograph in the box!

Technical characteristics

Player profile: Offensive
Head shape: Diamond
Weight: 365g (+/- 10g)
Balance: Head heavy (270mm)
Thickness: 38mm
Composition: Carbon, Multi-Eva
Grip: Syntec Pro


  • X-Eva - Sandwich construction of the core with three different EVA layers adapted to each racquet increases explosiveness on strong shots thanks to the two stiffer exterior layers, while providing more forgiveness and comfort from the flexible inside layer on softer shots.
  • 3D Spin+ - Raised patterns on the racquet surface combined with a rough finishing allows you to hit with more spin and increases your control.
  • Holes pattern system - Optimized distribution and size of holes specific to each racquet shape optimizes power transmission and increases precision when returning shots.

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Babolat was founded in 1875 in Lyon, France and is the world's oldest company specializing in racket games. Babolat's products include tennis, badminton and padel accessories.

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