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BABOLAT Syntec Pro x1 + VS Original x3 grip package

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BABOLAT Syntec Pro x1 + VS Original x3

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The BABOLAT Syntec Pro + VS Original grip package contains 1x thick Grip to be installed directly on the handle and 3x overgrips on top of the thick Grip. The grip combination that Rafael Nadal has relied on for years! The combination of grips offers ideal feeling and absorbency in the same package!


Syntec Pro
Thickness: 1.9 mm
Weight: 17.5g
Feel: Sticky
Absorbency: 130%
Length: 110 cm

VS Original
Suitable for: Tennis, padel and badminton rackets
Thickness: 0.40 mm (the thinnest grip in the Babolat range)
Weight: 3.8g
Feel: dry
Absorbency: 160%

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Babolat was founded in 1875 in Lyon, France and is the world's oldest company specializing in racket games. Babolat's products include tennis, badminton and padel accessories.

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