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YONEX NANOFLARE 555 badminton racket

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YONEX NANOFLARE 555 badminton racket

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2 pcs
150,21 €
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Product description

  • Faster swing speed!
  • Advanced maneuverability!
  • Add speed and length to your shots!
Player profile
Balance type
A bit head light

Product details

YONEX NANOFLARE 555 is a badminton racket aimed at more advanced players. Thanks to its built-in Sonic flare technology, the racket with a slight handle weight and stiff shaft gives the player more launch speed and more length for the player's shots. The racket is designed to increase hitting speed and controllability. The bat cover is sold separately.

Weight: 83g
Balance: Slightly head light
Flex: Stiff
Frame: HM Graphite / Nanocell NEO / EX-HMG / Solid Titanium
Shaft: HM Graphite
Colour: Matte white


  • Sonic Flare System - The revolutionary graphite material TORAYCA® M40X and SUPER HMG provide unrivalled power and stability for maximum shuttle acceleration.
  • Aero frame - Engineered for speed, AERO Frame technology is built to flex on impact and immediately snapback, helping launch the shuttle further and faster.
  • Rexis shaft - A high-performance shaft precisely designed with an original Yonex molding technique. Improves shot performance and dominates the game.

String favourites. See other options under the tension menu.

YONEX BG-65: A basic string whose properties are suitable for even the most demanding player. Yonex's most popular string for years. Thickness 0.70 mm. WHITE
YONEX BG-80: YONEX's most popular racing strings. The Vectran™ coating makes the tendon more durable. The rough surface increases the feel of the ball. Yonex string, popular among competitive players. Thickness 0.68 mm.
YONEX BG-80 POWER: Top string that combines Vectran™ coating and High polymer nylon. The rough surface increases the feel of the ball. The racing player's YONEX choice. Thickness 0.68 mm.

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